26 February 2010

buried treasure

Sometimes a box of junk is just a box of junk.

But usually not.

I love it when the best things in a pile of stuff are the hidden wonders buried at the very bottom of it all. I can spend hours trolling thrift store aisles or shuffling through garage sales on the off chance that I'll stumble across that one special thing.

My partner-in-crime certainly shares this affliction--which I find incredibly endearing--and I know we're not alone. Maybe it's some vestigial hunter-gatherer instinct, or maybe we just can't pass up a good bargain. Whatever the reason, I've become an avid treasure-seeker, and every once in awhile, it actually pays off.

I spent some time today digging through bits and pieces of old light fixtures. Along with a lot of dust--and a little bit of mouse poop--I ended up with a few fun things to mess around with.

For the time being, I think they'll be little votive holders. Until I think of something else to do with them...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'll be back on Monday with more to share...

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