28 January 2011


So here's the thing:  I've kind of been holding out on you guys.  This fancy new sewing machine showed up at our house over a week ago, and I haven't mentioned it once.  Maybe that's because I still haven't gotten up the nerve to do anything but fill a bobbin and thread the needle.  I think I wanted to do something amazing with the machine and then tell you about it.  I'm realizing now, though, that I really just need to turn the darned thing on and get comfortable with it.

I think this is the weekend for it.  The weekend forecast is rain and I don't have anything better to do.  Besides, if I don't get to work, my partner-in-crime might sweep in and start sewing up a storm, and then I'll just be jealous.  I have to admit, he is more mechanically-inclined than I am, and whether I like it or not, a sewing machine is--by definition--a machine.

A machine that I intend to master.

If you haven't already decided which project to tackle this weekend, here are a few ideas to get you started:

a coaster-making video tutorial featuring Lotta J's lovely accent
something adorable to inspire your imagination

24 January 2011


When I said I was going to make another doll, I don't think I meant I'd make it right away.  Most of my other projects--knitting, baking, etc.--haven't seemed that appealing, though, and the other day I got it in my head that I could make something like this.

I started with the pattern from this Martha Stewart article, but ending up tweaking it a few times.  I didn't want the hassle of little hands and feet--not right away, at least, and I didn't think I was ready to deal with attaching hair.  Besides, I wanted one of those sweet little stocking caps.

My little prototype needs some work.  For one thing, he's almost too tiny to play with--less than five inches from head to tail.  I'll make the next one bigger, for sure.  Also, I can definitely do a better job of attaching the head and neck.  And I'd like the next little lump of fabric to have more personality.  Maybe I'll give this one some little embroidered eyes.  That would make a difference, I think.

The stitches are good, though.  I've never been a good seamstress, and it makes me feel better to realize that the more hand stitching I do, the more comfortable I get.  It might be time, though, to take a deep breath and start trying to brave the sewing machine.

Soon.  I'll try it soon.

18 January 2011

small wonder

I don't think I've been incredibly productive lately.  With that in mind, even minor achievements seem incredibly important.  Among those small victories--poaching an egg for the first time, rediscovering the surface of my craft table--this little lady is a real coup.

The last time you saw her, she was just a scattering of pattern pieces from Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderfuls.  Now, she's a doll.  My first doll.  And while she's certainly not perfect, I'm pretty sure she won't be my last.

I did all of the work with hand stitching, which seems a little extreme, in retrospect.  Also, I used cheap acrylic felt, mostly because I was convinced that I needed more practice before committing to "real" wool felt.  Now I wish I'd just taken the plunge...

Hillary's pattern is called Tag-a-Long Doll.  While that name seems nice enough, I've decided to call the doll Girl Scout, which reminds me of several nice things.  Including cookies.

I'll admit, I'm not sure what to do with her next.  I don't really know anyone who needs a doll right now. Maybe I'll just put her away for awhile until someone comes along.  I'm sure she can wait until then.  She looks like a patient doll.  Don't you think?

14 January 2011


I know we're only in the second week of January, but I think it's already safe to say that 2011 isn't going to look the way I'd thought it would.  Rather than sitting around being sad about that, I'm thinking of celebrating my own little new-New Year.  Maybe I'll edit my resolutions a little bit.  Maybe I'll just have a drink.  Who knows?

What I am sure of is that surrounding myself with new and interesting ideas almost always fosters a change in my thinking, and this week has been no exception.

If your 2011 hasn't been meeting your expectations, either, here are a few things to inspire some fresh thinking:

Happy new New Year and happy weekend to you!

07 January 2011


Sorry for the extended absence, folks.   I didn't forget about you.  I promise.  Things have just been a little complicated at our house lately.  While I'm not up to a real post today, I did want to stop by, say hello and offer you a few fun things to start your weekend with.

the designer of my latest impulse buy
a heads-up on a fascinating dollhouse book
an inspirational post from the world of Etsy

Happy weekend, dear readers...