18 March 2011


Our house is full of stuff.  Mostly good stuff, like cool books and neat-looking vintage-y pieces and lots and lots of yarn.  Recently, though, it's come to our attention that we officially have Too Much Stuff.  Now my man and I are working on doing some serious cleaning and purging.

I think he might be doing a better job than I am.

The thing is, I like having lots of stuff around.  I've been a collector of stuff ever since I was small.  Coins, old art school assignments, pages torn from magazines, and mementoes from gumball machines all got squirreled away into boxes, my closet, and the infinite space under my bed.

I think the truth isn't that I'm so fond of keeping things, but more that I hate getting rid of them.  Once you throw something away, or recycle it, or give it to Goodwill, there's no going back.  What if you wish that you had that thing back later?  Or what if the memories that were all wrapped around and tangled up in that thing disappear once you don't have the thing anymore?

It's nerve-wracking, I tell you.

My man has suggested that rather than focusing on getting rid of stuff, maybe I could just put some energy into organizing the things I have.

Which is a very nice idea.

Maybe I'll start in on that next weekend.

If you aren't stuck cleaning--or "organizing"--this weekend, here are a few things to keep you busy:

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend...

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