17 September 2010

being home

My new job has introduced a new schedule to my days, and while I'm not working nearly enough hours to pay the bills--that's something I'll worry about soon, but not right now--I have had quite a bit of time to kick around the house.  It turns out that when I have extra time, I do not feel at all compelled to do the dishes, organize my craft mess, or write long-overdue thank you notes.  Instead, I'm just making lots of food.

For starters, I've resolved to bake bread once a week, and since we're only on week two, I'm not going to start bragging here, but I will say that baking bread is a very straightforward process.  For those of you put off by the idea of spending lots of time in the kitchen, I'd mention that the recipe we tend to use around here--from The River Cottage Family Cookbook--only requires fifteen minutes or so of actual, hands-on doing.  The time spent waiting for dough to rise or bread to bake can be put to good use by sitting on the couch and thinking about how you should do some dishes or write a long-overdue thank you note.

I also made refrigerator pickles this week.  I didn't really use a recipe, but you could probably find a million of them on the Internet.  The most important ingredients are cucumbers, vinegar, and salt.

Ours is a dill pickle household.  My man refuses to touch sweet pickles, and while I'm willing to try one now and then--they remind me of my grandmothers--I'll still always end up choosing dill in the end.  Obviously, you can make your own choices in this matter.  I'm not telling you what to do.  I'm just telling you which is better.

I have one more day off before I'm back to work again, and I've got plans to do some more cooking, but I also want to get some knitting done.  I may have to make some tough choices tomorrow.  If you're looking for ways to make the most of your weekend, here's a to-do list for you:

Start collecting something.
Find out what Katie ate.
Make a garland--and maybe a cake, too.
Design your own fabric.
Make a baby so you can buy hats for it.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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