06 September 2010

labor day

As predicted, the Labor Day holiday here in Seattle has proven to be cold and damp.  Instead of basking in an end-of-summer barbeque with food and friends, I've mostly been making tea and nursing a case of the sniffles.  

Lest you feel too sorry for me, though, I will mention that I enjoyed a lovely neighborhood pancake breakfast this morning which, though a bit chilly, was full of the laughter and fun we've come to expect from our lovely neighbors.  And I took a pan of that tasty peach shortbread, which promptly disappeared.  

{I know I mentioned this recipe in my list of links last Friday, but now that I've actually made it, I can really recommend it.  Fast, easy, and guaranteed to please a crowd.  Potluck recipes don't get any better than that.}

With today's excitement behind us, I don't have much more planned.  More baby blanket knitting, more tea, more staring out the window daydreaming.  

I hope you're all having fantastic, colorful holidays today.  Soak up some rays and light some fireworks for me, would you?

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