03 September 2010

last hurrah

Summer in Seattle is going out with a bang.  Eighty degrees and sunshine, with wispy clouds in a blue sky.  The neighborhood is full of kids in wading pools and parents fanning themselves and soaking in the rays.  Of course, the forecast for the weekend is chilly and damp. Which is fine with me, really.  As indicated in my last post, I'm ready for fall weather, with sweaters and cups of peppermint tea.

Actually, I love pretty much everything about autumn.  Rustling leaves, cider, root vegetables.  There are some things I'll miss, though, as summer slips away, and most of those things are food.  Right now, I'm cramming summer in, one mouthful at a time.  This is the last, best chance for tomatoes and berries and peaches, and I'm loathe to miss out on any of it.  I've been hitting the farmers markets twice a week, stocking up on anything that I can't count on seeing there three weeks from now.

This week, I made a gorgeous yellow tomato sauce and fresh pasta to go along with it.  I ate the leftover sauce for lunch the next day, spooned over a few crusty slices of a baguette.  I think I could eat a lunch like that every day for a year, without getting tired of it.  But maybe it seems that way because I know that, soon enough, the only tomatoes I'll be eating will be the ones that come from a can.

If you're feeling a little bit torn between summer and fall, like I am, here's a to do list to keep you busy for the holiday weekend.

Make a lazy salad.
Bring the outside inside.

Happy weekend everyone!

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