11 October 2010


Since I started writing here last February, I've been using a mitten for a camera case.  While unconventional, perhaps, this arrangement has been working out wonderfully.  My little camera has traveled safely on city buses, in gardens, through crowded farmers markets, and to Ohio last June for the big-deal wedding.

Yesterday, though, I decided that my camera deserved something better.
Also, it's getting cold out and I want my mitten back.

So I cut off a chunk of a felted sweater sleeve, dug out a scrap of leftover "Key Tree," and spent a few minutes making this little camera cozy.  It's not fancy, and it's probably not going to last all that long, but that's okay.  It'll give me an excuse to make another one.  Maybe next time, I'll do something more exciting, with a zipper or something.

For now, though, this will do just fine.  The wool is nice and soft, and I stuffed a little bit of roving under the fabric to make things extra-cushy.  My little Canon PowerShot is officially ready for cold weather.  Now I'll have to move on to winterizing the laptop...

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