24 January 2011


When I said I was going to make another doll, I don't think I meant I'd make it right away.  Most of my other projects--knitting, baking, etc.--haven't seemed that appealing, though, and the other day I got it in my head that I could make something like this.

I started with the pattern from this Martha Stewart article, but ending up tweaking it a few times.  I didn't want the hassle of little hands and feet--not right away, at least, and I didn't think I was ready to deal with attaching hair.  Besides, I wanted one of those sweet little stocking caps.

My little prototype needs some work.  For one thing, he's almost too tiny to play with--less than five inches from head to tail.  I'll make the next one bigger, for sure.  Also, I can definitely do a better job of attaching the head and neck.  And I'd like the next little lump of fabric to have more personality.  Maybe I'll give this one some little embroidered eyes.  That would make a difference, I think.

The stitches are good, though.  I've never been a good seamstress, and it makes me feel better to realize that the more hand stitching I do, the more comfortable I get.  It might be time, though, to take a deep breath and start trying to brave the sewing machine.

Soon.  I'll try it soon.

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  1. He/She looks so soft and cuddly. I love the stocking hat and I def think that little eyes would be so cute. I cant imagine sewing it all by hand. Great job!