05 April 2010

oh yes

My man has a suit.  It came in the mail a few days ago, and it looks like this:

I know.  I'm a tease.  But look, I can't show you the groom in his wedding suit.  It would be like giving you peeks at the invites before they went out in the mail.  It would ruin a beautiful surprise.  Besides, I think it might be bad luck or something.

I guess I could show you someone else wearing a very, very similar suit.

This is not my groom-to-be.   It's just a nice fellow from J. Crew.  If you want to, you can see more of the suit--and, oh, of that handsome young man--by clicking here.

Suits are kind of a big deal.  It turns out that buying a suit is expensive.  And kind of complicated.  In the end, getting fancy duds for my partner-in-crime might turn out to be more of an ordeal than me landing a dress.

I didn't realize it would be that way.  And honestly, I don't care.  It's totally worth it to see my man all dressed up for a party.  He's only gotten fancied up a handful of times since I've known him--and now that I think about it, one of those times was actually when he was just dressing up as John Wilkes Booth for a costume party.  I don't think that one counts.

Some people have asked me whether the men in our wedding party were going to wear tuxes.  My response--and my man's--has consistently been, "of course not."  A little part of me does wonder whether we're missing out on something by skipping the tux, but I'm pretty confident that making decisions that really reflect us, instead of what other people are doing, will keep us on track.  Yes, I'm mostly talking about the wedding here.  But not just the wedding...

But, gosh, there's this suit.  I'm excited about it.  I'm sure you can tell.  I'll be really honest, though, and pay attention, because I do mean this.  My partner-in-crime can wear whatever he wants.  A tuxedo t-shirt.  Tie-dyed board shorts.  It doesn't matter to me.  Just as long as, at the end of the day, we're married.

Oh, but I, on the other hand, absolutely must wear my fancy, fancy dress.

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  1. I think the J. Crew guy's jacket is a little small...just saying. Ben (a.k.a. your man) will look waaaaaay better....