13 April 2010


Here is what we are not going to do:  We are not going to make table numbers for our reception tables using fabric and embroidery hoops.  I'm a little sad about this.  I had a whole plan that involved cutting fabric into number shapes and then doing lots of clumsy, tedious hand sewing.  And I did spend hours and hours trolling the thrift stores for a healthy collection of embroidery hoops.

The thing is, the groom was never really all that into the idea.  And the more I think about it, the less I really like it, either.  I like the crafty element, but the overall effect seems a little too cute.  Too tea party.  And while I'm still trying to figure out what this whole wedding thing is going to look like, there's one thing I'm sure of:  It ain't no tea party.

If we're going to go with fabric, I guess we could always do something like this.  Or this.

Or maybe none of those things.

We do need table numbers, though.  Martha said so.  Repeatedly.  Even if we don't assign seats, Martha says we should assign tables.  And who are we to argue with Martha?

I'm not sure how it's going to go.  This could be one of those last-minute things where we're slaving over the laser printer at two in the morning making ugly little signs that look like zine pages.  Hopefully not.

My man had some funny idea about cutting pages out of kids' books.  Who knows?  Maybe that will pan out...

But all the embroidery hoops?  I'll keep them, of course.  They could be useful if I ever decide to pick up another hobby.  Besides, I like how they look just hanging on the wall in groups.  If I'm too lazy to learn embroidery, I could just put different bits of fabric in each one.

(This is more fun stuff from Tula Pink for Moda.  It's called "Nest."  My future-sister-in-law gave me some for my birthday last year.  I love it.)

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  1. Hello,

    I've been secretly stalking your blog for a while (super creepy, I know, sorry). I think I came across it awhile back because I REALLY wanted to go to your DIY event at ReStore but I couldn't make it. I'm a fellow Seattle-ite in the midst of wedding planning and love your put together crafting posts.

    Anywho, in all my wedding blog stalking I'd never seen embroidery hoop table settings and thought they were super clever. Although you + Mr. You aren't going to go with this idea, if you're thinking of doing any fabric applique stuff I used Stitch Witchery fusible webbing for a whole bunch of appliqued dish towels that I did for christmas presents last year and it works remarkably well. Saved me hours of time worrying about raw edges and I just ran a tight zigzag stitch around the edges.

    Okay, this post just got ridiculously long. I just wanted to come clean , confess my stalking and throw out a little tip :)