28 June 2010


Two days after the wedding, and my bouquet is doing just fine.  The marriage seems to be going pretty well, too, although that could just be because my man and I have been too tired to do anything but smirk at each other, fiddle with our wedding rings, and giggle every time someone says "husband" or "wife."

We're on a plane back to Seattle tomorrow and maybe back to something like "normal" life.  Hopefully, I'll have some juicy photos to share with you all soon.  I definitely have some thinking to do about the future of the Sparrow in the next few weeks.  (Do let me know, dear readers, if you have any thoughts on that complicated subject.  I really would appreciate some advice on the subject.  Also, I just like to hear from you all...)

For now, though, I am going to just sit for a few hours and do nothing. Weddings make you tired, friends.  They are beautiful and brave and exciting, but man oh man, are they exhausting, too.

I'll be posting again on Wednesday.  After I've had a very, very long nap.


  1. what to do with the Sparrow? It has been a wedding blog, yes, but it also was your art/craft blog, since it was a DIY wedding.....you have such great ideas and think of such fun things to do with the little "nothings" you find here and there.....I'd love it if you would just keep the Sparrow going and focus on the things you make and create and discover. Blessings on your marriage.

  2. I completely agree! Your creativity is inspiring and I'm just guessing that it bleeds into your everyday life and not just wedding planning. Do continue to share.
    p.s. The wedding was simply beautiful.