07 June 2010


I spent most of the day this past Saturday surrounded by smart, funny women.  We had a lovely brunch here and then went to watch these ladies perform amazing feats of female athleticism.   

It was a good day.  There were no stripteases or cakes shaped like male genitalia.  There were no feather boas or plastic tiaras--although I did rock this great tin-foil crown my friend made for me.  I wasn't playing a role or a part.  I was just being me.

And those smart, funny women I mentioned earlier?  They were all of that and more.  I felt lucky to be around them.  I don't spend a lot of time with other girls.  Usually, I'm at work with a bunch of guys or at home with that one special fellow.  Being out last weekend made me think that maybe I've been missing out on some quality girl-time.  I'll have to make a post-wedding resolution to do something about that...

(You might recall that, along with some bachelorette-goodness, another weekend highlight I was anticipating was my last ever issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I'm sorry to report that while the bachelorette-goodness exceeded my expectations, the MSW definitely did not.  I thought about trying to explain my general disappointment here, but instead, I think I'll just let Mouse at Souris Mariage speak for us all.)

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  1. My secret goal has been to get a shout-out on your blog and I think this post is close enough. Glad you had a good time and can't wait to see you in Ohio. Just in case you were wondering--I won't be wearing roller skates to your wedding.