09 June 2010

hope chest

Last week, I finally finished reading These Happy Golden Years.  You know, the last of the Little House on the Prairie Books, the one where Laura and Almanzo get hitched at the end.  I got a little sniffly around Chapter 31, when Ma and Laura put the finishing touches on Laura's new bed sheets and pillowcases, just in time for the wedding and Laura's big move to her grown-up, married life.  I just thought there was something simple and sweet about one generation helping the next put the finishing touches on a new household.  It made me a little jealous, like I was missing out on something.

And then yesterday, the package came in the mail.

My darling stepmother, in her infinite wisdom, had packed this little box full of all sorts of small, beautiful things she's collected over the years.  Linen napkins, a table runner, and crocheted doilies!  Oh, and a beautiful pair of pillow cases that Laura Ingalls would have killed for.  

I'm especially in love with this tablecloth, with its hand-stitched edge and lovely little details.


I like picturing a future where I might--I don't know--need a table runner.  Or some gorgeous napkins.  I like imagining the life that we could have, with these little handmade details sprinkled around the edges.

It might sound silly, but the whole thing, along with a sweet note from my stepmom, was enough to make me feel connected, and it gave me the sense that our home--which, don't get me wrong, has been our home together for years now--was somehow more complete.

I don't know.  Maybe it just made me feel loved.  

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  1. sounds wonderful. You are indeed one lucky lady to have all those beautiful things come wrapped in love.

    and....for another really good sniffly read, check out Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane, Laura and Almanzo's daughter.