05 July 2010

in the meantime

After catching up on the boring stuff like dishes and laundry, I finally spent some time yesterday in our community garden.  I'd been a little worried about how things would go during my three week absence, but it was immediately clear that my little plot had gotten along just fine without me.  Funny thing about gardens.  Plants just do whatever it is they need to, whether you're around to watch them do it or not.

I actually don't have a whole lot planted right now.  There's the garlic I put in last fall that's not quite ready for harvest yet.  The raspberry canes are doing well, and the little squash and pumpkin plants have been busy, too.  Everything else, though, the calendula and nigella and borage have all just kind of happened.  Even the sunflowers that are growing--they're about four feet tall now--are volunteers.  It's all making me feel kind of lucky, like I haven't done the work to deserve these plants, but I get to enjoy them, anyway.

Before I left town in June, I did ask a few people to keep an eye on my garden, in case things started looking thirsty.  June in Seattle, though, was--well--June in Seattle.  It rained a lot.  It was cold.  That's how we roll here.

Rumor has it, though, Seattle's going to get a bit of a heat wave this week, and for the people who shivered through last night's fireworks in a chilly mist, warmer temperatures probably sound a little more, um, summery.  If you're like the folks around here, wondering where summer's been, you should read today's post over at Orangette.  Molly's blogging has been a little spotty for the past year or so while life happened to her, but I can't help feeling like she's making a comeback.  I, for one, am happy to see her.

And if Molly's summer list-making doesn't get you in the mood for popsicles and picnic blankets, there's always this...

Happy summer, friends!

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