12 July 2010

the proof

It's hard to believe, but we really did get married a few weeks ago.  Now that we have the photos from our ridiculously talented photographer, Andrew, I can prove to you that the wedding actually happened. Today, here are a few photos of the ceremony itself.

I can't decide how much or how little to say about it all.  The truth is I'm still kind of processing.  So maybe for now, I'll just set the scene and then share the pictures:

In spite of weeks and weeks of rain, the wedding day was inexplicably lovely.  We had the ceremony in the shade of the giant osage orange tree that's standing in my parents' backyard.  My brother, Phil, was our officiant, and aside from the vows, the wedding mostly consisted of readings by my youngest brother, my man's nieces and nephew, and my dear Aunt Kathy.  I wrote most of the ceremony and was still putting the finishing touches at the last minute.  Fortunately, I managed to get things wrapped up before the first guests arrived...

Coming up in Part 2: photos of our pig-roast-and-pinata reception.  See you on Wednesday!

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