28 July 2010


Remember that block party I was cooking for last weekend?  It turned out to be an even bigger celebration that I was initially anticipating...

Along with the usual "kiddie parade," yummy potluck, and neighborhood chit-chat we've come to expect from this annual event, our dear neighbors had an extra surprise in store for us.

After most of us had finished eating, at some secret signal, there was an explosion of party poppers and my man and I were presented with a mini-wedding reception!  There was a cake, of course, complete with bride and groom toppers borrowed from the toy box of our 6 year-old next-door neighbor.  There were calls for a "wedding kiss," which we were more than happy to indulge.

And there was a fantastic wedding gift and a custom-drawn card, signed by all our neighbors.

It was amazing.  I cried.

The gift turned out to be something amazing, too.  Maybe one of the most exciting things we've received.

We would never buy anything this fancy for ourselves, but I'm pretty sure that we'll keep this baby forever.

The card was drawn by one of our neighbors, a talented cartoonist.

I love it almost as much as the gorgeous casserole.

Gifts aside, it was really the celebration that melted my heart last weekend.  We're so fortunate to live surrounded by people who genuinely care about their neighbors, who take the time to build connections and community.  We posted a big thank you note right on our front door, so that everyone passing by on a morning run or a dog-walking wander can see how grateful--and lucky--we are.


  1. wow! I've never lived in a neighborhood like that.......maybe because I've never lived in the city....but your surprise mini wedding reception sounds wonderful and amazing from every angle. Congratulations :o)

  2. How very sweet! What a lovely bunch of neighbors you have! It's nice for us to know you are so loved . but you are both pretty lovable...!