27 August 2010

yard sale

We're having a yard sale this weekend.  I've been looking forward to this for awhile, and if the weather holds, I fully intend to have a good time.  In my opinion, a good yard sale, from a distance, looks a little bit like a cross between a picnic and circus.  There will definitely be big colorful signs.  Balloons may be necessary.

Along with all the wedding books and magazines and various other nuptial-leftovers, we also have piles and piles of stuff that we just couldn't pass up on our last five or six years' worth of Goodwill trips.  Hopefully, we'll have lots of bargain-hunters tomorrow.  If not, there will be several boxes of free stuff on the curb afterwards, because I'm determined not to bring any of the merchandise back into the house.

Either way, we'll get to spend a day sitting together, chatting with our neighbors and sharing a few bottles of lemonade leftover from that crazy party a few weekends ago.

Maybe you're in the yard sale mood, too.  On the other hand, if lugging boxes around and tacking up cardboard signs doesn't sound like a ton of fun, here's a to-do list for the last precious days of summer.

Eat popsicles.
Make your own sidewalk chalk.
Find fresh food.
Create a camp.
Bake with berries.
Capture the moment.
Dine al fresco.
Host an outdoor movie.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. WOW! You guys have been busy! Love the price tags! Have fun, I wish I could come. I need to get ready for one here too before we move.

  2. I'm not skipping no smores. No way, I can make them alot, I mean alot faster than those scrumptious cookies. And I alway love a campfire. How come my hubby does'nt like camping? No sleeping on the ground? I say amen to that but I still love the great outdoors.