20 December 2010


I know that we're all excited about Christmas--those of us, at least, that are still making our way through this "Advent Calendar."  (To be honest, I have had a few people point out that Chanukah got short shrift in this space.  I've assured them that I'll try to do a better job next year...)

I do want to take a moment, though, to observe that today is Solstice Eve.  While that doesn't call for any sort of special ritual or tradition at our house, I've always loved the idea of "turning the page" from one season to the next.  Tomorrow night, the longest night of the year, will mark the end of autumn and the official beginning of winter.  Or, for those persistent optimists among us, it will mark the point at which the light begins returning--oh so slowly--to our days.

For those of us paying special attention, there's an added bonus this year, tonight's full lunar eclipse, the sort of event that never fails to make me feel especially small, in awe of the universe.

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