16 December 2010


Packages have begun materializing at our house.  Some of them have arrived by mail.  Others, I think, have been crafted by elves.  I've done my own share of crafting and packaging lately, and our first round of gifts have already safely arrived at a certain farmhouse in Ohio.

There's still plenty to do, though, and for the first time ever, it seems that I'm reaching the end of what seemed for years to be a limitless supply of reclaimed and repurposed wrapping materials.  Our piles of maps, calendar pages, colored tissue, and paper bags are dwindling.  I might have to get especially clever in these last few days of gift-assembling.  I've got this and this on my to-do list.

I've also found inspiration--yet again!--at SouleMama, Amanda Blake Soule's beautiful blog.  She has all kinds of handmade holiday photos and ideas this week, including a reusable gift bag how-to.  Scroll down here for more on the project.

We're in the end stretch now, my friends.  I don't know about you, but I've still got lots of work ahead of me!

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