22 December 2010


We just received a special delivery on our doorstep, a bag of cookies from a gaggle of our favorite neighborhood kids.  These are not Martha Stewart cookies, I'll be quick to point out, but that makes the little gift even more poignant.

And besides, these cookies taste great.  They will not last long in this house.

Tomorrow, I have every intention of making somewhere between five and eight dozen cookies.  I've got a head start, already, with the two batches of icebox cookie dough that are waiting in our freezer, and I'm not taking on anything that's especially complicated.  It's just that baking cookies has been a part of Christmas for me since I was small, and the holiday just wouldn't be the same without clouds of all-purpose flour, a pile of cookie cutters, and lots of colored sprinkles rolling across the floor.

If you still have a few free hours, here are some of the cookie recipes that caught my eye this season:

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  1. What a lovely idea you have here, this Advent calendar-bloggish thing [as Clare would call it]. Not sure exactly how I got here, but skimmed through several days: the cookies ['natch :) ], spiced nuts [we're loving them], solstice and then I stopped at O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Ahhh... my favorite song to sing at this time of year.

    BTW: It has just dawned on me that you may or may not want to be inside a church tomorrow night. If so, I happen to know this place where it will be mostly younger worship leaders + singers. 5pm, corner of 6th/University. I think I'll call you just.in.case. If not, no worries, but if so, come join us. Love from Yer Neighbor C.