03 December 2010


We actually received our first Christmas card before Thanksgiving this year.  I think this was a first for us, and while it was kind of exciting, it also made me feel like a slacker.  I absolutely refuse to send holiday cards before December has begun.  (I feel the same way about putting up the tree, but I know we all have different opinions on that one, so I'll leave it alone for now...)

I don't think we've ever made our own Christmas cards.  We started to, one year, but then we stumbled across something else that was well-designed and affordable, and we did that, instead.  This year, our cards are a cobbled together collection of things from a variety of places, including Hello Lucky! and one of my very favorites, Egg Press.

After a year chock-full of mailing things--invitations, thank you notes, and more thank you notes--part of me feels a little stamp-and-enveloped out.  But then I remember how much I love sending--and getting--mail and I get excited all over again...

If you're planning on making your own holiday cards, but haven't started yet, here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Are you sending out incredibly charming cards this year?  Do you have any other tips or links to share?  Just post in the comments below!

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