08 December 2010


If it hasn't been obvious already, I love the holiday season and nearly everything associated with it.  The only two things I don't like: Christmas decorations that go up before Thanksgiving and the retail industry's endless attempts to convince us that mindless, mechanical spending translates to holiday joy for all.

Please don't misunderstand me.  I love presents.  Seriously.  Feel free to send me one.  It's just that I prefer giving--and receiving--gifts that are well-made and well-suited to the lucky recipient.  (I'm not saying I've perfected this art, by any means.  I'm just saying that it's how I like to do business...)

I also like the idea of giving just a few fantastic gifts, rather than a whole pile of miscellany.  If I ever have kids, I'd like to think I'd stick to the popular adage and give everyone four gifts.   Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

Giving something handmade is always my first choice, of course.  Even so, a girl can only do so much knitting (or sewing, printing, crocheting, soapmaking, baking, building, etc.) in one holiday season.  Sometimes, you just need to buy something.

With that in mind, this week, I'll be posting a few Stubborn Sparrow gift guides.  Before I do, though, here are a few other lists for you to wander through:

Do you have other gift guide suggestions?  Or maybe some great gift ideas?  Share with the rest of us by commenting below...

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