19 March 2010


Please don't tell my grandmother--she'll be appalled when she finds out--but I think we're using bed sheets as tablecloths at our wedding.  To be honest, various female members of my family have already expressed concerns about the plan.  Some of them have just gently mentioned how conveniently inexpensive it is to rent table linens these days.  Others, though, have just frowned.

I didn't realize it would be such a big deal.  We're using mismatched china and we've cobbled together a collection of silverware that looks like it might run you ten or twelve dollars at a Midwestern yard sale.  It's not like we're worried about things looking--well, proper.  I kind of figured that once you've introduced a pinata to the plan, there's really no turning back.

It's not like we're just buying any old bed sheet at the Goodwill, though.  We're being pretty choosy.  The theme seems to have landed somewhere in between "tea party" and "circus tent."  Despite all the reassuring I've been doing among my worried relatives, I have started to wonder what all of these mixed-up tablecloths and dishes are going to look like when they're assembled side-by-side.  I'm still pretty convinced, though, that it's all going to turn out just fine.

We didn't really talk about making our own table cloths.  The whole bed sheet idea just sounded so, well, easy.  I've already been pretty upfront about my lousy sewing skills.  There's no way our household would have survived the trauma of my attempt to knock out a dozen table cloths.  If you're feeling brave enough to try, though, here are some instructions that make pretty good sense, even to someone like me.

Our tables are going to be beautiful, and if we have any real last-minute worries, maybe we'll just do this for all eighty of the table settings...

I'll be back again on Monday.  Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I certainly hope you weren't referring to yours truly when you mentioned 'frowning'... did I frown? I hope not. and it wasn't the pinata that got me - it was the pig. But I'm getting used to the idea. Can we talk 'clean-up'?

  2. your soon to be in laws gave me your blog address... love it!!! i'll be reading... p.s. let me know if i can lend a hand with anything!

  3. your wedding is going to be AMAZINGLY wonderful!!! I cannot wait to see all the photos, and have Melody tell me all about it.