17 March 2010

tough choices

One hundred and one days.  We have one hundred and one days to get it all done.  It sounds like plenty of time.  Weeks and weeks.  Months, even.  What could we possibly need to do that we can't get finished in one hundred and one days?

Um.  A lot of things.  When we started all this, my head was full of projects and ideas and plans.  Every time I opened a magazine or scrolled through a blog, I'd think of something else I wanted to try.  And if I'm making it sound like I was the only one in the house getting carried away by crazy plots, let me remind you that catering our own wedding was not entirely my idea.

Now, though, we're headed into the final phase, where all the planning turns into doing.  All those super-fun projects are either going to start happening or not.  And, let's be honest now, some of them will not.  Making those choices is going to be tough.  Once, I've embraced an idea, I have a very hard time giving it up.  And in spite of his tendency towards conflict-aversion, my partner-in-crime does have a little bit of a stubborn streak.  (Please don't tell him; I don't think he knows...)

I'm not talking about any really huge sacrifices here.  I think--in spite of what a few of our friends and family members might believe--we've actually been pretty conservative about what we've taken on.  We ditched the whole "let's build tables out of salvaged barn wood" idea.  And I'm not going to sew the napkins and tablecloths myself--which is good, because I can't actually sew worth a dang.  

I'm still planning on making the pinata, though.  And making banners to hang in the trees.  There are still the centerpieces to figure out, and the kids' table, and the bouquet.  Oh, and yes, the food.

Fortunately, I've just stumbled on a new tool to help me make tough decisions about which DIY projects to tackle and which to subcontract out to the lovely folks on Etsy.  Rachel at Heart of Light is guest blogging at 100 Layer Cake right now, and yesterday she shared her DIY Reality Check Flowchart. 

If you're stressing about whether or not to take on the ten-millionth project on your wedding checklist, try running your options through Rachel's flowchart.  The straight-forward simplicity of it will blow your mind.  I'm thinking about taping it on my wall and using it to determine every detail in my life.  I'll have to let you know how that turns out...

Right now, though, there are the wedding decisions to make, and they're going to start coming on quick. Today, there are one hundred and one days to go.  And tomorrow, it will be a hundred...

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