15 March 2010

on display

{I know I promised you all a recap of our Salvage Bride workshop.

Let it suffice to say that last-minute details were, for the most part, worked out, and, I dare say, a good time was had by all.  It was definitely a party, what with the cake, the pom poms, and even a real live wedding photographer!

Of course, there were things I meant to say that I forgot to.  And things I probably shouldn't have said that slipped out anyway.  I definitely learned a lot, and if I had it to do over again--and hey, maybe someday, I will do it again--I'd sure do a few things differently.  But for now, at least, there's nothing to be done about any of that.

Thanks to those of you that came on Saturday and those that have enquired about the outcome of the event.  Hopefully, we'll have some photos soon that I can share with you all.  Thanks to Sarah K for keeping me on track during those last few hours of planning, to Eliza T for documenting the affair, and to my partner-in-crime for all the shoulder-patting that a girl could ever hope for.}

Now that we're through with all that, let's move on to more important things.  Like cake stands.

Along with Martha Stewart and every other woman I've ever met--oh, and a few guys, too--I love cake stands.  For someone who's probably only baked two or three proper cakes in the past decade, I own way too many of the things.  (I think the current count stands at five, but I'm just getting started...)  Whenever I see one at at the thrift store and don't buy it, I feel a deep and terrible sense of loss.  I am only exaggerating a little bit here.

I don't know what it is that I find so irresistible.  If you share this affliction and have diagnosed its cause, please, by all means, let me know what you've discovered.  All I can be sure of is that I am almost obsessed.

My favorite cake stand might be this one, which I splurged on about a year ago.

Of course, picturing it without a cake on top doesn't do it justice, but I have yet to bake a cake worthy of it.  I think it's beautiful, and if you do, too, you can find one like it at Whitney Smith Pottery's Etsy shop.

For Christmas this past year, my lovely sister-in-law-to-be gave me a little cupcake stand to match.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

With all the wedding cake talk lately, I've been trying to figure out how to get my rocking-est cake stand to Ohio and back again.  The idea of shipping it makes me a little shaky.  The obvious solution would be to just purchase another one and have it shipped directly there, right?  And why stop with one?

Someone--someone who isn't very fun--has pointed out that I might want to reconsider that plan.  I'll begrudgingly consider some alternatives, but I will have a cake stand at my wedding, folks.  Even if I have to make it myself.

Which I just might try doing.

I've mentioned this once before, but I've been messing around with the idea of making cake stands out of old wiring spools.  I'm especially taken with this big guy...

...but I don't have that entirely figured out, yet.

What I did manage to cobble together recently were these little numbers.

The bases are plastic spools that used to be full of electrical wiring and the tops are plates from the Goodwill.  They aren't finished products, yet, but I think they have potential.

I'm especially blown away by how perfectly this thrift store plate matches the design of some "vintage" Rubbermaid shelf liner I found kicking around the shop.

I'm  also pretty taken by the detail on the rim of this little Noritake plate.

Our cake in June will most likely sit on a cake stand that we've made for ourselves.  I really like the idea, and I'm looking forward to making something great.  It'll be fun to have another cake stand.

None of that will stop me, though, from registering for a few more, just in case...

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