10 March 2010

little boxes

Lots of hustling and bustling going on here at headquarters as we put the finishing touches on this Saturday's workshop.  I can't imagine going a whole day without posting, though, so I thought I'd share this tiny thing with you.

This little box drifted into the shop last week.  I liked the way it was so obviously handmade.  It's built out of thin pieces of plywood and tacked together with finish nails.  I'd guess it was originally made to hold a drill, because when you open it up, it has holes that seem to be sized for storing drill bits.

The tiny holes made me think of pens and pencils, and I started thinking about using the box as a kind of alternative guest book.  I used a drill bit that was a little bit bigger than the original holes to make the slots a little roomier for my colored pencils.  I also spent a few minutes tightening hinge screws and just generally dusting and scrubbing. (This box has been sitting in someone's workshop for a very long time...)

I printed up slips of paper with three different messages at the top and tucked them inside the box.

I think it could be neat to display the box with a piece of plywood hanging above it.  That way, your guests could choose a slip of paper, write their message on it, and then hang it on the plywood with a hammer and a little nail.  Mostly, I think I like that idea because it's fun to imagine girls in fancy dresses drinking champagne and wielding hammers.

Really, though, hanging a clothesline and letting guests pin their messages up with little clothespins would probably work just as well.  And when the wedding's over, you can paste all the notes and well wishes into your scrapbook without having to worry about there being nail holes in everything.

Not that there's anything wrong with a little nail hole here and there...

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