12 May 2010


I am officially having wedding nightmares.  I'll admit, I kind of thought I'd be immune to that sort of thing. The closer we get to W-Day, the more I seem to be learning about myself.

A few nights ago, I dreamed that all of our beautiful invitations turned up in our mailbox, returned to sender. Apparently, there'd been some kind of mix-up with the addresses.  Kind of a strange thing for my subconscious to obsess about at this point, given the fact that nearly all of our RSVP's have already come home to roost.

The night before that, the nightmare consisted of my crawling along a sidewalk for what seemed like hours and hours, looking for my missing engagement ring.  At first, it just seemed that only the pretty little stone was missing from the ring, but as the dream went along, it turned out that the ring itself had entirely disappeared.  I never did find the silly thing.

Go ahead.  Tell me I'm crazy.  I dare you to.

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  1. I'm still 5 months out and I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the (totally awesome and waaay under budget) florist I hired backed out at the last minute. A coworker with a garden offered to help out, but she didn't show up until minutes before the ceremony, and write as I started to walk down the aisle she handed me a bunch of tulips with dirt and roots still clinging to the bottom. It was the weirdest dream.