17 May 2010

getting wet

My heart is full.  Yesterday, my man's family threw us a "co-ed" wedding shower: a tasty barbeque on a gorgeous day with lots of laughing and lawn games and little kids running around.  It was pretty much perfect.  I can't do it justice here.

And it was probably good practice for us, what with the being the center of attention and all.  It's not something that either of us is incredibly comfortable with, even among people that we know so well.

In the middle of the day, though, I looked around at all the faces looking at us and realized how secure I felt in the idea that our marriage will exist in this context of support and family.  I've said it before, but as much as I think of myself as an individual, I really do like having the sense of being part of a greater whole.

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, I am kind of a sap.

But I am a lucky sap.

I am also--if this post isn't any indication--a somewhat sleep-deprived sap, which brings me to my next subject.  After several months of posting here five days a week, I'm going to scale things back just a little bit.  Please don't panic.  I'll still be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I just need some extra time for all those last-minute things that are cropping up.  And the things that I've known about all along that I just haven't dealt with yet.  The countdown stands at forty days, folks, and this bride-to-be has things to do...

Also, my man has pretty much made dinner ever single weeknight since I started posting here, and while he's been incredibly great about it, I'd like to be able to offer him a break that doesn't consist of handing him a take-out menu.

So with that in mind, I'll see you all on Wednesday.  I have dinner to cook.  And a lot of thank you notes to write...

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