06 May 2010


Awhile back, I posted some photos of the little favors we have for the smallest guests at our wedding.  When I shared our plan for the heart-shaped crayons, I hinted that we were also working on favors for the grown-up guests, too.  After weeks of waiting, I'm finally ready to share a peek with you...

I've mentioned, from time to time, the shop where I work, but I don't think I've told you about Bedrock Industries, where my partner-in-crime spends the bulk of his days.  Bedrock carries a lot of beautiful stuff--most of it made from recycled glass--but one of my favorite things has always been the little glass hearts they sell.  They might seem a little cliched, but I think they're beautiful.

And--lucky me!--I actually got to make some of them a few weekends ago.  Mostly, I followed my man around and did whatever he told me to.  "Crafting" together isn't really something we do much of--usually I'll craft near him and he'll offer an opinion now and then.  I really enjoyed working side-by-side.  I wasn't the only one, though, looking for his love and affection.

The process involved quite a few steps, and I kept thinking that I wasn't doing things quite right, but I guess it all turned out pretty well.

And now, we have beautiful little somethings for our guests to take home to remind them our of wedding day--and of our love and affection for them.


  1. very cool favors and very cool that you actually got to make them!!!

  2. I think you and Ben shouldn't get married, and just keep posting wedding stuff together ...! I'm afraid you'll stop after the wedding! these are so cute - does the MOTB get one??

  3. Oh yah, how about the MILOTB, does she get one too?

  4. Don't forget the FILOTB!!! And this blog business must definitley continue in some form! There's a dirth of good bloggers out there, and this one has earned the space.

  5. Love Them! And they look like alot of fun to make! Thanks for sharing!